The Biz Revamp


What is it?

The biz revamp is a chance to go deep into what is working in your business and what needs some serious restructuring 🪜

Together, we will identify gaps in your business (or things that really aren't working for you). 

We'll figure out ways for you to better manage your time and energy and set an action plan moving forward. We'll put a heavy focus on systems & policies that can help to prevent these problems in the future! 🛠️

This is exactly the push you need to get motivated and move the needle in your biz. 

This is for you if..

✓  You love having your own business but feel burnt out trying to do it all yourself 🏝

✓  You dream of time freedom but work long hours, back to back with no breaks

✓  You feel like you need to say yes to everyone because you can't afford to be picky right now, or turn away any business 💸

✓  You have no set policies or boundaries with clients and feel like they are always taking advantage of you and your time ⏰

✓  You don't want to charge more than people can afford, so you sell yourself short 🪙

 You know you need to do some restructuring but have no idea where to start 👣

✓  No matter how much you do, it never feels like enough 😩

 You are always worrying what your clients, friends & family and other businesses will think about you and that rules all of your biz decisions 👥👥 

 You prioritize everyone else's needs, but your own.

  Some days you absolutely LOVE what you do and other days you scan indeed for jobs 💼 


  You have MAJOR imposter syndrome and wonder who let you even open a biz?!


After the re-vamp, you will

✓ Be prepared and ready to make the necessary changes in your business 📝

✓ Set up systems to make your life easier 💻


✓ Establish policies & boundaries that allow you to stay in control of your business 📜

✓ Stop caring what other people think and make the  choices that are best for you & your biz 💃💃💃


✓ Feel more confident in what you know and trust in yourself & your intuition ✨ 

✓ Have a deeper connection with your body and it's guidance 🌟

✓ Create a healthier work/life balance ⚖️

✓ Learn to work in a more sustainable way (so you can stay in biz forevaa)

✓ Find your FLOW 🌊 and actually feel excited about your biz again

✓ Feel motivated, empowered and ready to gooooo

How it works


60 min consultation to help me better understand what's working in your business and what's NOT working. This step is key in identifying gaps in your biz and creating a plan to restructure.

($500 value)


Get started on the Energy Audit Course, my signature self paced course to help you optimize your energy so that you can create a healthier work/life balance.

($150 value)


Four week access to me via Voxer (a chat app) for support & accountability as you work through the course and in between our sessions

($500 value)


60 min Intensive Session where we'll create a personalized action plan so that you can start restructuring your biz in a way that actually works for you!

($500 value)

My Tools


Connect to your body and listen to it's inner wisdom & guidance


Understand your energy through the lens of human design to craft a personalized plan for YOU


Ensure you are focusing your energy on the correct things

The Investment


or 4 payments of $275


To honor my projector energy and give you my full focus & energy, I only book 3-4 of these a month