Celeste Etlinger

"If you are looking for a coach look NO further …  you have found the right person. Call Abby today to get you, your business, and your best self just where you want it to be!


Abby Valletta is amazingly talented at her profession! I came to Abby for one-on-one business coaching in February 2021 feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and under paid … three months later I was feeling empowered with new rates that are worthy of my talents. Additionally, we created a schedule and processes that make it manageable with no more overwhelm. Abby has a remarkable way teaching her clients how to find solutions for challenges right within ourselves. She teaches us to sit and FEEL how solutions work within us and from there we change, grow, and learn. Through her coaching she is kind, patient, vulnerable, a great listener, and is always truly herself. When I completed our 3-month one-on-one coaching I joined her Inner Circle and found a community of like-minded business owners I never even knew existed. She created a safe place for us to share, problem solve, vent, cry, grow, and learn. Six months later my business, schedule, rates, and processes are in shape and I feel excellent about my business.

Thank you Abby for being YOU!"

Jamie Maurer

Soon coming!


Brenna Fox

"When I first met Abby I was struggling with toxic relationships, my career, sobriety, and had no clue how to set boundaries.  I was letting people walk all over me.  I felt completely lost in life and I saw no light at the end of the tunnel.  My anxiety was through the roof and I was constantly crying and worrying about everything life was throwing at me. 


Over the course of 12 weeks with Abby I have done quite the transformation! Abby gave me the tools and techniques I needed to set better boundaries.  I used her advice and knowledge in all aspects of my life and things began to change... for the better!  I learned to listen to my gut and trust myself and life became more manageable.  I became more focused on the present and my anxiety decreased immensely.  Work became better, I cut out the toxicity and started setting healthy boundaries. 


Maintaining sobriety was so much easier.  Even the people around me have noticed my transformation.  Abby has really changed my life for the better and I am so grateful for our journey together."

Sue Lavin

"I was so blessed to have the opportunity to be coached by Abby.  She helped me gain clarity and confidence.  Her high energy and authenticity made me feel fully supported in taking steps towards my goal of finding my purpose. "


Alyssa Bourgeois

"I began working with Abby about a year ago and little did I know how transformative it would be. I was living a life I dreaded… I was working a job I hated, was in an incredibly toxic relationship, was neglecting my own health concerns and was overall… honestly… miserable.


With Abby’s guidance and support, I was able to completely revamp my life. I now have created healthier relationships with my family, friends and most importantly myself.  I have set healthy boundaries and began listening to my intuition which led me to continue my education and start my own wellness business!


I constantly wonder where I would be without Abby and her ability to help others see their internal fire and how to harness it to create a life you’re passionate about."