Trust me, I know exactly what it's like to be in your shoes..

You opened your biz to be your own boss.

To create your own schedule and call all the shots.

But now, you never get a break. You're working more than you did when you worked for someone else. There is always SO MUCH to do and it feels like you'll never get your head above water.


You're prioritizing everyone and everything besides YOU.

Bending over backwards for clients, scheduling work even when you don't want to and constantly saying yes when you want to say no 🙅‍♀️

 You work all the time, yet still never feel like you're doing enough. 

Your to do list seems never-ending, not to mention the absolute overwhelm that comes with trying to be and do everything ALL BY YOURSELF 🏝

You always feel like you're making the wrong choices, never fully trusting in yourself and what feels right. 

You can't shake this feeling that maybe you're not cut out for this.. maybe it's too hard. Maybe everyone else knows something that you don't.​.


I'm here to tell you, they don't.

The secret of successful entrepreneurs is that they have learned to trust in themselves and work in a way that is in alignment with who they truly are.
So what do ya say, ready to learn how?

My Offerings

Image by Nick Morrison

Biz Revamp

A chance to go deep into what is working in your business and what needs some serious restructuring

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The Inner Circle

A community of entrepreneurs who truly understand what it's like and are here to support you


1:1 Mentorship

Looking for deep support from someone you can trust? Learn more about working with me 1:1 


After working with me

  • You will understand who you are and never question what you know again

  • You will understand how your energy works and use that understanding to maximize productivity in your biz and personal life

  • You will trust in yourself so much, you won't need to ask for other people's opinions on what you do

  • You will feel confident to put yourself first and create a business that works for YOU instead of for everybody else. ​​

To learn more about me and what I do, check out the Ask Abby Podcast!