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Human Design Guide

✨ 4/1 Projector βœ¨

Bodymind Coach

Craniosacral Therapist



Hi, I'm Abby!


I have a background in massage therapy and craniosacral therapy. Though, I no longer offer hands-on work, my understanding of the mindbody connection is the backbone of my coaching practice.

I am a 4/1 Energy Projector with emotional authority. 

I LOVE using human design with my clients to help them get back to the truest parts of themselves.

I live in Connecticut and have two adorable but needy cats. 


Thanks for stopping by! πŸ’œ

What I Do


Using human design and embodiment, I help my clients to truly find the deepest parts of themselves. 

Except you are not lost. 

You are buried, beneath years of conditioning.. 

beneath limiting beliefs and fears of not being enough


How would it feel to peel back the layers of everything that isn't you?

To unlearn the beliefs you were taught that have kept you playing small..

 To own your brilliance..

To finally BE who you are meant to be?


Because you are enough. 

You are worthy of love, of abundance,

of a life that lights your fucking soul on fire πŸ”₯

You don't have to pretend to be like everyone else. 

You just have to be you. 


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What Clients Say

"I attended Abby's Money Mindset Workshop and she helped me uncover where my beliefs and habits around money came from and how these may or may not be serving me. What made it really come to life was the coaching session after. You’re so good at peeling the layers off the onion to get at the heart of the matter, and only from there can growth and acceptance be found. Thank you!!"

Celeste E