Hi, I'm Abby!

✨ 4/1 Projector ✨

Yin Yoga Teacher

Money & Abundance Coach

Human Design Guide

Crazy Cat Lady

I love living in my small town in Connecticut where I have access to the beach and peace and quiet (most of the year).

I have always been fascinated by the mindbody connection and love helping people to tune into their body's wisdom and find their own answers!

No one has the answers to your life, except you. 

What I Do

I help people who are struggling to find the answers to connect to the deepest parts of themselves. 

The parts of them that are buried beneath years of conditioning.. 

beneath limiting beliefs and fears of not being enough

How would it feel to peel back the layers of everything that isn't you?

To unlearn the beliefs you were taught that have kept you playing small..

 To own your brilliance..

To finally BE who you are meant to be?

Because you are enough. 

You are worthy of love, of abundance,

of a life that lights your fucking soul on fire 🔥

You don't have to pretend to be like everyone else. 

You just have to be you. 

Human Design

Are you ready to learn more about who you truly are?

Human Design guides you to make decisions that are in alignment with your soul and teaches you how to open yourself up to opportunities that actually lead towards the life you want!

Each person's chart is different and can be an amazing reminder that it is okay to be 100% you, in fact.. it's written in the charts!

Receive my intuitive insights on your unique HD chart and how it can guide you through whatever's coming next..

Clarity Call

Do you struggle to make BIG decisions?? You know the decisions I mean.. finally leaving that relationship or quitting the job. Let alone the big MONEY decisions, like can I afford this? or is this the right time to make this investment?

Or the even scarier questions like.. do I actually love where I am right now?

If you are ready for change but

s t r u g g l i n g to even know what you want amongst all the noise.. let's chat!

I'm here to help you get CLEAR about what you want and start making decisions towards a more authentic & fulfilling life.

Reclaim Abundance

Are you sick of feeling like you never have enough? time? money?

Are you ready to stop constantly worrying about money and just trust that everything will work out?

To buy yourself that cute bag without the guilt? To invest in your business without feeling selfish?

To stop blocking yourself from receiving and start allowing more abundance into your life?

To finally recognize what you're worth? because it's way more than you're charging. It's time to rewrite your money story..

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What Clients Say

"I attended Abby's Money Mindset Workshop and she helped me uncover where my beliefs and habits around money came from and how these may or may not be serving me. What made it really come to life was the coaching session after. You’re so good at peeling the layers off the onion to get at the heart of the matter, and only from there can growth and acceptance be found. Thank you!!"

Celeste E