Meet Abby

BodyMind Coach

Energy Worker

✨ Emotional Authority Projector ✨

Craniosacral Therapist


Abby has a background in massage therapy and craniosacral therapy. Though she no longer practices hands-on work, her understanding of the mindbody connection is the backbone of her coaching practice. She helps her clients to reconnect with the deep voice within, to start making decisions from an empowered place and to create a life that feels authentic for them!

What I Do

Do you ever feel like you have gotten lost from your true authentic self?

Like all of the conditioning of the world has taken its toll on you..

Stripped away the pieces of who you really are.

Maybe you struggle so deeply to feel that you are worthy..

of love, of abundance, of having a life that makes you happy.

Maybe there is a deep discontentment, with who you've turned out to be.

Who you're pretending to be.

I help my clients to reconnect with who they really are,

to find the confidence to stay true to their heart

and to embrace all of the weirdness that makes them, them.

I empower them to own their uniqueness and brilliance

and give them the tools to turn their passions into a fulfilling career

and receive abundantly by being exactly who they already are. 

My programs are not for everyone..

but if you are ready to truly show up for yourself, 

to heal mind, body and spirit.

and come back to your truest, most authentic self.. 

then they might be for you.

*Womxn Only*

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What Clients Say

"I attended Abby's Money Mindset Workshop and she helped me uncover where my beliefs and habits around money came from and how these may or may not be serving me. What made it really come to life was the coaching session after. You’re so good at peeling the layers off the onion to get at the heart of the matter, and only from there can growth and acceptance be found. Thank you!!"

Celeste E