Owning a biz doesn't have to be so. damn. hard. 

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel of doubt
and carve out a life & biz that actually works for you?

My mission is to help overwhelmed solopreneurs like YOU work with, not against your energy so you can scale your biz with ease. 

Find out the 5 most common mistakes most biz owners make

I work with a lot of different people who all have very unique and different businesses, but I see the same mistakes over and over. I've created this resource as a checklist to identify if you're making these mistakes in your business.

And if so, how to fix them!


Find out now ⬇

I've been in your shoes..

  • Drowning in your to do list

  • Never feeling like you're doing enough, no matter how much you get done.

  • Feeling guilty every time you stop to rest

  • Overwhelmed because everything falls on your shoulders and you have no one to help you make decisions

  • Feeling like a fraud that everyone's going to see right through

  • Never feeling like you're quite doing it right..

Work With Me

The Energy Audit

Together we will audit where you are wasting energy in your biz and how to course correct

Image by Kylie Lugo

The Inner Circle

A community of like-minded entrepreneurs to show you that you are not alone!


My library of resources and self paced online courses, a great starting point!

I'm here to take you from




All over the place

Never feeling like you're doing enough

Feeling like an imposter

And Into...

A healthy work/life balance

Confidence in your process

Excited to take your next steps



How I Help

Learn to connect with your body and listen to it's inner wisdom & guidance

Understand your energy & human design to find out what works for YOU

Maximize productivity so you can scale your biz while also creating more free time for yourself

After working with me

  • You will understand who you are and never question what you know again

  • You will understand how your energy works and use that understanding to maximize productivity in your biz and personal life

  • You will trust in yourself so much, you won't need to ask for other people's opinions on what you do

  • You will feel confident to put yourself first and create a business that works for YOU instead of for everybody else. ​​

To learn more about me and what I do, check out the Ask Abby Podcast!

What clients are saying

"I began working with Abby about a year ago and little did I know how transformative it would be. I was living a life I dreaded… working a job I hated, in an incredibly toxic relationship, neglecting my own health concerns and was overall… honestly… miserable. I constantly wonder where I would be without Abby and her ability to help others see their internal fire and how to harness it to create a life you’re passionate about!🔥🔥🔥"

About Me

Hi, I'm Abby! For the last five years, I have been studying & working with people on the mind body connection. I have a history as a massage therapist, energy worker, yoga teacher and Bodymind coach. 


I'm a 4/1 emotional projector who loves cats, chocolate and a good hike. 

I've helped countless entrepreneurs like YOU to work smarter, not harder and create more free time for themselves (while still making $$) 

I'm not here to give you some arbitrary three step process that worked for me. My process is helping you to understand YOUR process and leverage that to build your dream biz ✨