Who I Work With

I work with women who feel like they're living their life for everybody else.

Who don't know what a heart-led decision feels like in her body. 

Who feels like everyone else's judgements and rules and conditioning is burying her aliev. 

Who is tired of changing herself in order to be accepted

or proving herself in order to be liked. 

Who yearns for a fulfilling career and a life 

This program is for the womxn who has gotten lost from her true authentic self. Who feels like all of the conditioning of the world has buried her alive.. who is tired of constantly having to change herself in order to be accepted or prove herself in order to be liked. 

It is for the womxn who knows that what she wants to do and what she should do are not the same thing. Who is sick of ignoring the voice deep inside that is begging to be freed.. the voice who is confident and weird and uniquely her. The womxn who is ready to reconnect with herself.

Girl, you were not designed to be like them. You are designed differently. To live life in a way that is authentic for you. To find work and purpose that truly lights you up. To be who you were before the world got its hands on you and to receive abundantly as hell for it. 

What do I get?

  • TWELVE WEEK container of support 

  • BI-WEEKLY coaching calls with Abby

  • WEEKLY modules, writing prompts or affirmations to guide you in finding your authentic voice, identifying limiting beliefs and keep you in alignment with your goals. 

  • INDIVIDUAL Human Design Reading to help you understand your unique energy field and how you were designed to thrive in this world

  • ACCESS to my Money Mindset Course

  • UNLIMITED text or email support

Your Transformation

  • Reconnect to your authentic voice and the deep inner truth that is within you.

  • Identify blocks and beliefs that are holding you back and learn to call bullshit on them!

  • Gain the confidence to embrace who you are and truly OWN the things that make you unique PLUS gain the tools you need to turn your uniqueness into a life that fulfills you!

  • Become empowered to live life the way that you were designed to

  • Learn to make decisions with ease and free from external influence

  • Change your relationship with money and allow abundance to flow into your life. 

Payment Plans Available