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So what the f*ck is human design?

Human Design is a system that combines the I-Ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Astrology, the Chakra System and Quantum Physics to bring us the science of differentiation.
It was downloaded by Ra Uru Hu in the late eighties/ early nineties. 
Human design explains
your energetic aura, not your personality. 
It is a description of the energetic body 💫


How can human design help me?

Your bodygraph (the human design chart) can serve as a beautiful blueprint for how you are designed to exist and function BEST in this world. 
Better yet, it shows you what makes you different from everybody else, 
and why you need to stop trying to be like them.. and just be you.


Your human design chart can give you guidance on the best ways to work, to sleep/rest and to interact with those around you. 

It can help us to understand how we learn

and how to make embodied decisions that are in line with who we are. 

You know.. for those big life decisions that you just can't seem to get clear on? 


The point is, each and every one of us experiences different energies and are designed to exist, work and function in different ways!
What works for one person may not work for everyone else. 
and human design tells us that
that's okay.

There are five different energy types in human design

The five energy types

 Generators have an aura that is open/enveloping and pulls life towards them. Generators have strong gut instincts and their strategy is to check in with their gut and respond to see if these opportunities are correct for them, or not. A generator who is forcing life and not responding may end up stuck or frustrated. 

Manifesting Generators are generators with manifesting potential. MG's are master multitaskers with loads of energy, but they may seem a little all over the place to everyone else. They often feel like they need to commit and stick to ONE thing in life, but they are actually built to be multi-passionate and focus their energy on many things at once. 

Manifestors are the only type who don't need to wait before taking action. Their aura doesn't bring life to them so they are designed to initiate, and bring what they want into creation. Manifestors do not like to wait around for others or be told what to do. They already know what they want to do, thank you very much 💁‍♀️  However, they will face less resistance if they learn to inform those around them about what they are doing.

Projectors energy is focused/absorbing and is designed to see other people on a deep level. However, many people are not ready to be seen so the projector strategy is to wait for an invitation before sharing their insights/gifts. A projector who is not waiting to be invited may go unheard or exhaust themselves trying to convince others to listen. 

Reflectors: Reflectors are extremely rare, making up less than 1% of the population. The reflector aura samples different energies from the people around them and reflects those energies back out to the community. They are here to observe and serve as a barometer for the health of a community..a healthy and happy reflector is a sign of a healthy and happy community!

So what is MY energy type?

All you need is your birth date, time and place to download your FREE bodygraph.

The birth time should be as accurate as possible.

Fill out this form to receive a video about your human design energy type!

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Prbly no more readings.. if we keep this, link to alignment sessions 

Ready to dive deeper?

Are you ready to learn more about who you truly are?

There is SO MUCH more to your chart than just your energy type!

Each person's chart is unique, and the pieces come together beautifully to make you...YOU

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