This is for you if:

✓  You love having your own business but feel burnt out and can't seem to keep up with doing it all

✓  It feels impossible to keep up with everything on your to do list and you feel like you are never doing enough no matter how hard you try 😩

✓  You read all the business books and podcasts and do all the "right" things but you still feel frustrated

✓  You're constantly questioning if you know enough to do what you do (let alone charge for it) 💸

✓  You go through cycles of loving what you do and wondering if you should just get a day job

Are you ready to let it be easy?

What's Included

  • Access to my Energy Audit Course

  • 90 Min Intensive Session with me

  • Personalized action plan 

  • Access to me via Voxer for accountability and support

The Energy Audit


To honor my projector energy and give you my full focus & energy, I only book four of these a month

You opened your business to be your own boss.

To create your own schedule and make all the decisions. But now, you never get a break. There is always more to do and it feels like your biz is working better for your clients than it is for you. 

It's been a while since you were in love with what you're doing and you're constantly saying yes, when you really want to say no 🙅‍♀️

 You dreamt of time and money freedom, a flexible life where you have time for friends & family. But you're working 50 hours a week and still feel like you're never doing enough. 


Your to do list seems never-ending,

not to mention the absolute overwhelm that comes with trying to be and do everything ALL BY YOURSELF 🏝


You can't shake this feeling that maybe you're not cut out for this.. maybe it's too hard. Maybe everyone else knows something that you don't.​.

This is for you if:

✓ You want someone on your side that you can trust

✓ You know you are meant for more and are ready to walk the path you are here to walk.

✓ You want to trust in yourself again

✓ You're ready to break codependent and people pleasing patterns and start choosing YOU

What's Included

  • Twelve to twenty-four week container

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions

  • Human Design Reading

  • Weekly Personalized action plan

  • Access to my entire resource library (including all of my online courses)

  • Access to me via Voxer for accountability and support between sessions

  • PLUS additional resources and a SURPRISE gift

1:1 Mentorship

I only open up a few spots for mentorship a year, please apply if you are interested and want to discuss your needs!

What you will shed

✖ Feeling like you don't know who you are or where you're headed

✖ Overthinking & overanalyzing all of your decisions

✖ Insecurities that something is "wrong with you"

✖ Negative self talk

✖ Constantly needing to prove that you are _______ enough

✖ Pressure to be doing ALL the things and be "productive"

✖ Insecurities around promoting yourself and putting yourself out there


What you will gain

✓ A deeper understanding of your energetics through the lens of human design 

✓ Trust in yourself and in the decisions that you make

✓ A deeper connection with your inner guidance

✓ The tools to start making changes in your life towards the future you dream of 

✓ Confidence in who you are and to stand strong in your power

✓ Actually excited to promote yourself

✓ Motivated to get started

✓ Learn to work with not against your energy