Illuminated Rock

The Misfit Moon Gathering

Wednesday January 27th 5-6:30PM EST

with Heather Mann of Asmi Astrology School 

While wandering down the same street you walk almost daily, your eyes are drawn to a cobblestone side street you had never noticed before. Before your mind has time to kick in, you find yourself walking toward it- guided only by your curiosity and the full moon sparkling above.

Reach the end of the street and arrive in a courtyard brought to life by twinkling fairy lights and a warm summer night.

A bonfire marks the centre of the space and women encircle it, glancing up with sparkling eyes and radiant hearts as you enter.

Taking a deep breath, you feel in your heart this is the place you have been searching for - without even knowing you have been searching.

A place you can relax and finally let the strange, left of centre, quirky parts of you be unleashed, seen and loved.


Welcome to the Misfit Moon Gathering 

a monthly meeting for the sacred rebels amongst us: those who have never felt like they could totally fit in.

In this month's circle, join us for a Leo-themed playdate: we are going to stop being quite so serious & adulty, lighten up and unleash our inner child with her full creative force all over 2021.


5:00 PM Guided meditation with Abby

5:15 PM Journaling

5:20 PM Candle Magick Ritual with Heather

Rituals, spells and intentions are supeeer charged when done with a group

5:40 PM Chance to share with the group (or not!)

*all on zoom*

Foggy Mountains

What to Bring

a candle

a piece of blank paper and a pen

(glitter pens preferable - this is an inner child ritual after all)


if you are looking to call in...

Money/Success: Bring a green candle (& green glitter pen!)

Romantic love: Bring a red candle (& pen)

Self love: Bring a pink candle (& pen)

Confidence: Bring an orange candle (&pen)

Intuition: Bring a white or purple candle (& pen)

Clear communication: Bring a blue candle (& pen)

Boundary setting/releasing toxic patterns: Bring a black candle (& pen)



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