Discover Your Direction

I created this program for new and aspiring entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, all over the place and are ready to give up. This program will help you to find clarity on the direction you are headed and cultivate the confidence you need to actually get started!

Through the lens of human design, you will get to know yourself and your energy on a much deeper level. You will learn to reconnect with your body so that you can listen and trust in its guidance to build a life & business that you LOVE!

So are you ready to step fully into your power? ✨ 

Do you feel stuck where you are?

No clue what you want or where you're headed?

All over the place?

Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

I invite you to discover your direction. 

What it is

Using Human Design, I help you to truly understand your energy and give you the permission you need to do things the way you are meant to do them. We will get really clear on what your chart means for you and how to start experimenting with this information in your life!

We'll begin to uncover the conditioning and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in your comfort zone. Identifying these beliefs is the first step in overcoming them. Receive the tools you need to reframe these beliefs and cultivate the confidence to move forward!

Using embodiment and other techniques, you will learn to reconnect with the inner guidance of your body and trust in its guidance.

By the end of our final session, you will feel clear on where you're headed and truly excited to start taking steps towards the path that is meant for you!

What you will shed

✖ Feeling like you don't know who you are or where you're headed

✖ Overthinking & overanalyzing all of your decisions

✖ Insecurities that something is "wrong with you"

✖ Negative self talk

✖ Constantly needing to prove that you are _______ enough

✖ Pressure to be doing ALL the things and be "productive"

✖ Insecurities around promoting yourself and putting yourself out there


What you will gain

✓ A deeper understanding of your energetics through the lens of human design 

✓ Trust in yourself and in the decisions that you make

✓ A deeper connection with your inner guidance

✓ The tools to start making changes in your life towards the future you dream of 

✓ Confidence in who you are and to stand strong in your power

✓ Actually excited to promote yourself

✓ Motivated to get started

✓ Learn to work with not against your energy

The Bones

In between calls you will have access to me via Voxer for accountability and to ask questions/ share insights!

You will also receive a personalized action plan to implement the work from our sessions.

90 min human design intensive

We'll deep dive into your human design chart. You will leave this session with a clear understanding of how your energy works and tools to start implementing the information into your life or business. Human design can be a great reminder that you are exactly who you were meant to be!

90 min coaching intensive

In this session, we'll work through any gremlins or limiting beliefs that have held you back from truly stepping into your power! Discover your true path and receive the tools you need to actually get started.

30 min

follow up

We will follow up to see how you are doing with implementing the work and making changes in your life and business. This final session is key in holding you accountable for implementing what you've learned during our time together.

The Investment


To honor my projector energy, I have limited spaces available

After purchase you will receive an email with instructions to book your appointments.

Are you ready for more?

Step into Your Power

Want to take the work even deeper? I have very limited spaces available to work with me 1:1. This is your chance to really go deep and shed the layers of conditioning, people-pleasing and bullshit that you've learned up until this point. 

This is for you if...

✓ You are really truly ready for change 

✓ You are ready to fully step into your power and walk the path that you know you were meant to walk.

✓ You want to stop pleasing everyone around you and start putting yourself first

✓ You want to trust in yourself again

✓ You're ready to make clear aligned decisions without asking others what they think

The bones

12 Weeks of 1:1 support using bodymind coaching, human design and other tools to meet you where you're at

Weekly Modules to further your learning

Voxer Access for accountability, to ask questions and to share your wins!

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